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CASIT Survey Results

Below are ratings and comments for all closed CASIT service tickets. Names have been removed from comments.
# Post date Quality Do you have any other comments or feedback?
1 04/15/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you

2 04/12/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

3 04/12/2019 4 - Excellent

When my request couldn't be fulfilled exactly as I requested (due to software incompatibility and logistics), [CASIT Tech] quickly did [their] own research to find a viable alternative and made sure I had all the information I needed about the software [they] found. [They] checked in with me multiple times to make sure his proposed changes to the plan were acceptable to me and my department's needs, and [they were] excellent about communicating and following up on the situation until everything was complete. Plus [they were] was super nice and solicitous the entire time. So even if [their] actions were SOP for how CASIT responds to help requests, please know that the friendly yet competent manner in which [CASIT Tech] (and all the CASIT staff I've interacted with) helped me out makes the quality of your department's service well-beyond routine.

4 04/11/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

5 04/11/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

6 04/10/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech 1] was a star. [CASIT Tech 2] is too. Both should be rewarded with raises and vacations to Hawaii or another island!

7 04/10/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

8 04/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

9 04/05/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was great.

10 04/04/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

11 04/04/2019 2

The communication about this ticket was poor and while it says the issue has been resolved, the computer is still not set up correctly.

12 04/01/2019 4 - Excellent

This problem was quickly resolved and I appreciate [CASIT Tech's] immediate attention.

I hope you will look into how this happened and to learn how to prevent it in the future when providing "send as" permissions for someone in a leadership role.

13 04/01/2019 1 - Poor

This was a task to replace an old web server with a new one due to security concerns (yours, not mine). While promised an out-of-the-box ready server, I was delivered (late) a vanilla
machine. I spend the next week in apache hell configuring the server and installing software. In addition, I have now received threats from CASIT to block the old machine
that I still use. I will, in the future, not be going through CASIT for my computer needs. I will be faster to purchase items straight from my grants and configure them

14 04/01/2019 4 - Excellent

Yes. [CASIT Tech] went above and beyond the routine level of help I usually receive from IT personnel. [They] checked back in with me at least a couple of times to make sure a couple of small issues I was having with the mail client migration were solved immediately. I wish everyone I deal with here on campus were as helpful and nice to work with as [CASIT Tech] is. Great employee! Give [them] a raise!

15 03/27/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

16 03/26/2019 4 - Excellent

Solved my problem very quickly and even had me check to make sure [they were] correct when [they] answered my follow up questions!

17 03/26/2019 4 - Excellent

All your IT helpers so far have been outstanding to the point that I thought no one could exceed their willingness to help a retired (and digitally somewhat challenged) professor...but [CASIT Tech] has with [their] cheerful, encouraging attitude as he helped me both in person at the CASIT office and remotely guiding me through a seemingly complicated process of switching me from my old account to my new account.

18 03/23/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

19 03/22/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

20 03/22/2019 4 - Excellent

Painless and efficient migration to Exchange - thanks!

21 03/21/2019 4 - Excellent

It's good to keep customers updated on delays from Dell when possible.

22 03/21/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT tech] was very helpful and a super nice person to work with.

23 03/21/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

24 03/20/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] remotely accessed my laptop to complete a stats program installation that was beyond my ability.
[They] did a great job, efficiently and without any complication. Kudos to the CAS IT service and to [CASIT Tech] in particular,

25 03/20/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] is always very helpful! I seem to always have out of the ordinary issues, and [they are] always willing and able to find a solution.

26 03/19/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] is awesome and was super helpful! [They] kept me posted on other appointments that delayed [them], which was not a problem at all. Thank you!

27 03/18/2019 4 - Excellent

Excellent customer service, knowledge, solution and speed. Thank you!

28 03/18/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] did an excellent job answering all my questions, and went above and beyond what I expected in terms of getting both my laptop and desktop computers up and running on the most current operating systems and software programs. I'm very pleased with how well CASIT responded to my requests. Thank you!

29 03/15/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

30 03/15/2019 4 - Excellent

Excellent service - painless migration and quick and effective problem-solving in transitioning to new platform. Thank you!

31 03/11/2019 4 - Excellent

Excellent, timely and informative help - as always. CASIT is the best unit in CAS.

32 03/08/2019 4 - Excellent

The person who helped me resolve my issues was great. I think [their] name was [CASIT Tech](?).

33 03/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very helpful, knowledgeble, and professional. Im very pleased to have a working computer again.

34 03/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

35 03/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] responded very quickly to get me back up and running after my monitor malfunctioned. Thank you!

36 03/05/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very flexible and accommodated the furniture reconfiguration process perfectly. [Their] assistance is greatly appreciated and things are once again set up perfectly for me. Thank you, [CASIT Tech]!

37 02/23/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very helpful, friendly and polite.

38 02/22/2019 4 - Excellent

Not only figured out the problem, but gave me suggestions on other things that could help me and updating some of my outdated stuff. Was very friendly (in a professional way).

39 02/22/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] did an excellent job.

40 02/21/2019 4 - Excellent

This made a frustrating technology moment feel like no big deal. I appreciate the help. Thx.

41 02/20/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you [CASIT Tech]!

42 02/18/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] found the hidden settings and now I can print in all the colors of the rainbow.

43 02/15/2019 4 - Excellent


44 02/13/2019 4 - Excellent

I appreciate both [CASIT Student] and [CASIT Tech] helping me resolve this problem.

45 02/12/2019 4 - Excellent

Excellent as always! Thanks, CAS-IT!

46 02/12/2019 4 - Excellent

As always, CAS-IT is the best!!

47 02/11/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] did a fantastic job of troubleshooting my computer issues, and was patient and friendly throughout the process.

48 02/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very friendly and helpful - thank you!

49 02/08/2019 4 - Excellent

Great job!

50 02/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] is amazing! Really helpful and capable. I appreciated the help a lot!

51 02/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

52 02/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

53 02/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it! Yeah, [CASIT Tech]!

54 02/07/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you [CASIT Tech] for your quick response!

55 02/06/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you for your prompt, accurate customer service!

56 02/01/2019 4 - Excellent

No, it was all good. I appreciate making sure that I could get into the email app before I left. I could have never fixed that on my own.

57 01/31/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] is the best, as always!

58 01/28/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was extremely helpful and helped me resolve problems beyond those specified in the ticket. Thank you, [CASIT Tech]!

59 01/25/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

60 01/25/2019 2

[No comment left]

61 01/23/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] did a good job working the ticket but needed to be pushed in the right direction when he provided an incomplete answer.

62 01/23/2019 4 - Excellent

The service and follow up resolved the issue perfectly.

63 01/22/2019 3

[No comment left]

64 01/18/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] always has an excellent attitud for helping me and support my work with the laptop.

65 01/17/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] is always a joy to interact with! CASIT in general is always very helpful - thank you!

66 01/17/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] worked [their] magic again.

67 01/16/2019 4 - Excellent

Awesome service.

68 01/16/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

69 01/15/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was fabulous--as always- with the help [they] provided. I really appreciate [thier] skill and readiness to help with difficult problems.

70 01/14/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

71 01/14/2019 4 - Excellent

CAS IT was very helpful!

72 01/13/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] did an excellent job with the laptop and the e'mail migration process.
I appreciate [their] time toi couldn{t do it alone. come to my office too.
I am grateful because I couldn{t do it alone.

73 01/11/2019 4 - Excellent

Thanks for going ‘the extra yard’ for me and figuring out how we can communicate confidentially as I am in Lahore, Pakistan.

74 01/11/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very helpful and patient. [They] solved my problem of getting the proofs of my paper.

75 01/10/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

76 01/10/2019 4 - Excellent

[The CASIT Techs] were very helpful and professional. They resolved multiple issues I had with two of my computers.

77 01/09/2019 4 - Excellent

quick and professional

78 01/09/2019 4 - Excellent

Yes, the student that moved my computers was here right on time and did the work without any problems. [They were] very pleasant and helpful and offered help above what we had asked.

79 01/09/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you!

80 01/09/2019 4 - Excellent

Thank you!

81 01/08/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

82 01/08/2019 4 - Excellent

Great service and problem solving. Laptop works as it should now. Thanks!

83 01/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] (and CASIT in general) always does an excellent job with the service requests I put in. I really appreciate [CASIT Tech] as a colleague.

84 01/07/2019 4 - Excellent

This was another experience of the competent, fast, and efficient way in which CASIT technicians solve problems. [CASIT Tech] instantly set up my laptop with the software I needed
and within minutes I could use my laptop as desired.

85 01/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was very helpful,

86 01/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Techs] responded very quickly!


87 01/07/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] was fantastic and quickly figured out and solved the issue for me.

88 01/03/2019 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

89 01/02/2019 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] responded very quickly. Much appreciated.

90 12/30/2018 4 - Excellent

I really appreciate the speedy response and expeditious resolution of my problems, especially during the Christmas week.

91 12/26/2018 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

92 12/26/2018 4 - Excellent

Very helpful friendly service.

93 12/21/2018 4 - Excellent

just want to express my thanks for the great service that [CASIT Tech] performed in my new laptop: by placing the order for the laptop, by doing a custom hard drive partition and by installing all my MS Office programs. [CASIT Tech] was courteous, efficient and flexible in satisfying all my particular technical needs in a very timely manner.

94 12/20/2018 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

95 12/18/2018 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]

96 12/12/2018 4 - Excellent

So fast! Thank you.

97 12/11/2018 4 - Excellent

Amazing patience and help. Love casIT people are my favorite it people.

98 12/07/2018 4 - Excellent

I'm very grateful for the swift "ticket" response and successful data transfer from old laptop to new - as well as good advice on the applecare package. All of this was [CASIT Tech], who had previously gone "the extra mile" in trying to rescue the old laptop. Thanks [CASIT Tech]!

99 12/05/2018 4 - Excellent

[CASIT Tech] patiently tried a variety of solutions and kindly took me through what [they were] able to do. [They are] very good with follow-up as well.

100 12/05/2018 4 - Excellent

[No comment left]